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Blackjack is a fast-paced, popular table game in India and is extremely easy to learn, but requires strategy and experience (along with a little luck) to win. 

We’ve put together this guide to help you learn about different types of online blackjack, the basic rules and tips and to make sure you find the best online casino blackjack sites on the internet for your gaming style and your gambling budget.

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Best Online Casino Blackjack Sites India 🏆

There are few online casino games as popular as online blackjack, with the best online casino blackjack casinos available at the click of the mouse. Also called “21,” this is one game that boasts low house edges, tons of variety, and plenty of fast-paced excitement – no matter if you’re playing the original game or a unique online version.

If you’re new to online gambling, this page gives you the ins and outs of online blackjack along with the best blackjack casinos for your budget. All the casinos we recommend are licensed and regulated for provably fair and safe gaming.

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4 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Casino Days ₹1,00,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
5 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Rajabets Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 200 Freespins Play Now
6 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty Paripesa Review ₹1,30,000 Bonus 150 Freespins Play Now
7 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Betway Review ₹60,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
8 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half JackpotGuru Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 20 Freespins Play Now
9 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Casibee Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 20 Freespins Play Now
10 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Maharaje Review ₹25,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
11 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Quickwin Review ₹ 40,000 Bonus 200 Freespins Play Now
12 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Bet24-7 Review ₹150.000 Bonus 270 Freespins Play Now
13 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Casinoly Review 100% Bonus 200 Freespins Play Now
14 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Cricbaba review ₹30,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
15 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Megapari Review ₹1,25,000 Bonus 150 Freespins Play Now
16 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full Parimatch Review ₹1,05,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
17 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full Big Baazi Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
18 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Axe Casino Review ₹4,34,700 Bonus 450 Freespins Play Now

18+ | T&C's Apply | Gamble Responsibly and only bet money that you can afford to lose. Read more about how we rate online casinos.

Blackjack Casino

What Is Blackjack? 🃏

Blackjack is a card game with one of the lowest house edges around, amounting to about 1% at most. The game’s popularity is due, in part, to it being an easy game to get the hang of.

Blackjack casinosTraditionally, the game is played with two, four, six, or eight decks of cards. Like the land-based game, the best blackjack casinos have one goal for players – getting closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21. Other than that, you’ll find different online variants for both the table and live dealer games to keep your online blackjack adventures diverse and exciting.

At its most basic, every player starts with two cards. You can then add cards to your set to get as close to 21 as you can, while the dealer does the same. If you beat the dealer, you have the chance to double your wager, but if you go bust (exceed 21) or the dealer beats you, you lose. Some games also allow you to win in a tie.

If you’re lucky enough to get Blackjack (an Ace and a 10-value card), you receive a higher payout at the end of the game.

As you can see, online blackjack is both a game of luck and strategy, and there are plenty of strategies and tips you can put into practice at online blackjack casinos. Best of all, when you play at a licensed online casino from our list of the best blackjack casinos, you are assured fair gambling with random outcomes every time.


Frequently asked questions about online Blackjack casinos

❓ How do you play blackjack in a casino?

The rules are pretty much the same as the original game, with some variations depending on which game you play. The overall goal is to get as close to 21 as you can without going bust. Read more under our How To Play Real Money Blackjack section.

🏆 Which is the best Blackjack Casino?

It depends on what you’re looking for, but you’ll find the best blackjack casinos right here at Jackpot Slayer. We’ve reviewed tons of different sites that offer online blackjack and give our opinions on them. Read through our casino reviews to find the best blackjack casino for your money and your gaming preferences.

📜 Are there different types of blackjack?

Yes! See what they are under our Different Types of Blackjack section.

⚖️ Are the best Blackjack Casino sites Licensed?

We only ever recommend legit blackjack casinos that are licensed by international regulatory bodies like the MGA, UKGB, Alderney and Curacao. Playing at a licensed casino means safe, fair gambling and a guarantee that you will have access to your winnings.

🧾 Are winnings from Blackjack Casinos taxed?

There are different rules for different countries when it comes to taxing online casino winnings. You can take a look at our country guides for this information.

🎁 Do the best Blackjack casinos offer bonuses?

Yes! Most online casinos, and especially the best blackjack casinos offer a variety of match deposit, reload, cashback and live dealer bonuses to boost your bankroll and make your gameplay go further. Just remember to read the wagering terms and conditions before you take up an offer.

🃏 Do Blackjack Casinos Offer other games?

Yes. While there are online casinos dedicated just to blackjack, we recommend the best online casinos that offer a wide variety of slots, live dealer games and other popular table games like roulette, baccarat, craps, Sic Bo and poker. Take a look at our reviews to find the best online casinos for you.

🔴 Can I play Live Blackjack at a Blackjack Casino?

Yes. Live dealer games have quickly become popular at the best blackjack casinos, and this includes live blackjack. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the thrills of gambling in the comfort of your home, with a real dealer and real opponents streamed live and in real-time.

A Brief History of Blackjack Online🧐

The origins of the original blackjack is still debatable, but it is believed that blackjack made its debut in the French casinos in the 1700s. In French, the cards were called “Ving-et-Un” which translates to Twenty-one. The object of the game was to make the best total which was twenty-one, as it still is today. This card game was played in the French Royal Court during King Louis XV’s reign. The card game made its way to North America in the 18th century with help from the French colonists. 21’s release in America was ushered in by Eleanor Dumont, a highly skilled dealer from France. She is one of a series of famous figures who have made it possible for Blackjack to be one of the most popular games in the world. Eduard O Thorpe, Bill Betner and Peter Griffith are all part of this series as they have become known as legends of the game.

The card game changed its name to Blackjack by the 20th century and the rules of the game were changed by Las Vegas casinos following the legalisation of gambling. Today, Blackjack is played all over the world, and the game’s popularity is increasing by the day, thanks to the borderless nature of the internet, because it is so easy to access online blackjack. Online Blackjack has a lot of fans because modern blackjack variants are regularly being added. We have no doubt that the game will continue to evolve to best suit its players, as new technology emerges and preferences change constantly. Therefore, if you are into card games, but still looking for something that’s up to date with the times, then online Blackjack is the game for you.

How To Play Real Money Blackjack? 🎮

If you’ve never played real money blackjack online, you’re in luck. This is an incredibly easy card game to learn and most of the best blackjack casinos on our top list allow you to try the game out for free as you develop your skills and strategies.

When you’re ready, you can make deposits and start playing real money blackjack.

  1. Place your bet: you start by taking your place at the online blackjack table and placing an ante bet.
  2. Cards are dealt: everyone is dealt two cards, including the dealer. The dealer reveals just one of their cards.
  3. Add them up: add your cards up to get an overall value. Aces are worth 11 or 1, while J, Q and K are worth 10.
  4. Stand or Hit: you can stand (keep the card you’ve got) or Hit (request another card).
  5. Aim for 21: get as close to 21 as you can, and don’t go over (bust)!
  6. The dealer: the dealer goes next to try and get as close to 21 as they can.
  7. The winner: if the dealer is closer to 21 than you, they win. If not, you win. If the dealer goes over 21, you win, unless you also went over 21.
  8. The winnings: you get a price worth the same as your stake if you win, but if you get Blackjack, your prize at the best blackjack casinos is worth 3:2.

There are a few other basic rules and terms to learn before you play blackjack online. Here’s an overview:

  • Regular wins: if the value of your cards is closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards, you win 1:1.
  • Blackjack win: when you get Blackjack your win pays 3:2.
  • 16 or less: the dealer has to hit on any hand that is worth 16 or less.
  • Split: you can create two separate hands when you have two cards of equal value. Each hand is then played in the game.
  • Double down: the option to double your bet during play. You’ll receive just one other card.
  • Insurance: if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you can take out insurance to protect yourself just in case the dealer has Blackjack.
  • Surrendering: the option to surrender half your bet if you’re not happy with your hand. This option isn’t available at all online blackjack casinos.
  • Stand: When you feel that your set of hands is strong enough to beat the machine, you can choose “stand”. The machine will then carry on until they either beat you or go over 21.
  • Hit: Players are initially dealt two cards in blackjack. If you want to add a card, you ask for a “hit”. Keep in mind that the objective is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over.
  • Even money: This type of insurance is specific to blackjack. If a player has blackjack and the dealer shows an Ace, they can ask for even money. The payout will then be 1:1.
  • First base: This is the player playing to the dealers’ immediate left. This player is dealt his cards first, as well as the first to act in the game.
  • Hole card: This card is left face down. When all of the players have revealed what they want to do with their hands, the hole card is revealed.

Getting Started: Step by Step🔎

Getting started at the best blackjack casinos online only takes a few minutes and you can start playing for (and winning) real money. Here follows a step by step guide for your playing to go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Choose the best online casino site or online casino app

Choose one of the best blackjack casinos from our list of top casinos online and register an account. You can start trying online blackjack games for free in demo mode right away. Don’t forget to verify your identity and choose a safe username and password.

  1. Make a deposit

To play for real money, you need to choose a deposit method and fund your casino account.

  1. Pick your game

The best blackjack casinos online offer different variants of the popular card game. Choose the one you like and start playing for real money.

It’s as easy as that, but if you want to increase your winning chances at blackjack, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Practice For Free

    before spending money on online blackjack, try out the demo games. It’s a good way to get to grips with gameplay and practice your skills without risking your money.

  2. Learn The Rules

    To really enjoy the game, you need to learn the rules. Take time to read up on the rules of online blackjack and its different online versions before you play.

  3. Learn Strategies

    There are plenty of online blackjack strategies around. These strategies help you make the best decisions based on your hands and the dealer’s card, while also reducing the house edge.

  4. Stick To A Budget

    The best blackjack casinos offer different games for different budgets. Set yourself a budget and stick to it, never playing more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

  5. Play High RTP Games

    For the best odds of winning, look for tables with high RTPs.

  6. Ditch The Side Bets

    Different variants of blackjack online have different side bets. It does add fun to the game, but these side bets up the house edge, reducing the RTP.

  7. Use The Bonuses

    Boost your bankroll with online casino blackjack bonuses. This extends your gameplay, but always read the bonus conditions before you accept an offer to make sure it fits with your blackjack gaming requirements.

Different Types of Blackjack 📖

While you’ll mostly find traditional blackjack at land-based casinos, the best blackjack casinos online offer a number of variants, keeping your gaming varied and improving your winning chances.

Here’s what you’ll find at online casinos:

  • European blackjack: played with 2 decks of cards, this is the most traditional variant of the game.
  • American blackjack:  played with 6 to 8 decks, if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you can purchase insurance. There’s the option to split matching hands and re-split if you’re dealt another matching pair.
  • Caribbean 21 blackjack: the objective is to get a hand made up of two cards worth 10 each and an ace (which is worth 1).
  • Five-hand blackjack: popular at the best blackjack casinos, this game allows you to play up to 5 hands at a time.
  • Super Fun 21 blackjack: a natural blackjack hand from the player defeats the same hand from the dealer. You can split hands up to 4 times, while a 6-card hand worth 20 automatically wins.
  • Progressive blackjack: you can make a number of side bets. Guess correctly, and you could win a progressive jackpot.
  • Match Play 21 blackjack: 10 cards are removed from the deck, with several bonuses making up for it.
  • Single deck blackjack:  this one’s played with a single deck of cards and is popular with card counters who want to test their skills.
  • Blackjack Switch: you manage 2 hands at the same time and can swap one card from each hand.
  • Face Up 21 blackjack: both dealer’s cards are face up.
  • Pontoon: this one has similar rules to the original game but different terminology, including “buy,” “stick” and “twist.” You must twist if your hand is worth less than 15, while the dealer wins all ties.
  • Live dealer blackjack: play in a live casino with real dealers, in real-time and talk to your croupier and opponents as you play different variants at the best blackjack casinos.

Above is a long list of variations, so we suggest you take some time to do your homework and test the different versions in order to find the perfect match for you.

Is it Safe to Play Blackjack Online in India?👮‍♂️

Blackjack CasinosThe most elite online casinos are all licensed and regulated by third-party authorities. These licences have a strong reputation in ensuring that their platforms are safe and secure. You should look for online casino platforms that are licensed and regulated by globally-recognised casino licensing bodies in the casino industry.

When sharing personal information over the internet, casino digital security is very important. That is why we highly recommend platforms that use the latest SSL encryption that keeps your personal information private.

In short, it is completely safe to play your favourite blackjack games online, providing that the casino platform is licenced and regulated, and uses SSL encryption. It is empirical that you do your research about these matters before signing up for anything at an online casino.

Online Blackjack Bonus and Promotions🎁

When you play at the best blackjack casinos online, you can look forward to generous bonuses and promotions. As a new player at one of our top recommended online casinos, you can benefit from a welcome bonus, often in the form of a match deposit bonus, designed to boost your bankroll right from the start.

It’s important to understand that not all casino bonuses work well for the game of online blackjack. Many operators apply restrictions on their offers. For example, you may only be able to use a bonus on slots or other live casino games.

That’s why it’s important to read a bonus’ small print and conditions before you redeem it. Besides the actual bonus, you also need to understand the wagering requirements. This is the number of times you must play your bonus funds (and sometimes your original deposit) before you can withdraw any winnings made with the bonus.

Blackjack has a low house edge, so only a small portion of the wagers on the game contribute to meeting a bonus’s playthrough requirements.

Besides match deposit bonuses, the best blackjack casinos offer regular promotions like reload bonuses and cashback bonuses that are useful if you enjoy the game of blackjack. Some operators even offer live dealer bonuses that you can spend at the live blackjack tables.

Blackjack CasinosMost online casinos also offer deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. With a deposit bonus, you are rewarded free money when you deposit real money into your casino account. You are rewarded a cash match of a certain percentage, depending on the casino, and can play with more money than you deposited. Some casinos might double, triple or even quadruple your deposits, providing you with a lot of extra cash to play for real money.

What’s great about the no deposit bonuses is that you don’t have to spend any of your own money. Create an account on the online casino that offers no deposit bonuses and choose the games to play for free.

Are Online Blackjack Games Tested for Fairness?🤯

As the online casino games world continues to flourish, more players are enjoying the ranks of the online gambling community. Games like roulette, poker and blackjack are seeing larger engagement online than ever before, which is great news for the online gambling industry at large. That being said, the question of whether or not online casino games are fair is continuously being asked. The automated nature of online games might seem that the games are rigged, but there indeed are ways in which online games are tested for fairness.

Online casino games are regulated through a RNG (Random Number Generator). An RNG works by creating billions of numbers each second, with the last one thrown up the one that shows on your blackjack screen. The RNG provides honest, fair and simple results, making it the key metric of all blackjack sites’ fairness.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Blackjack in India👍👎

Online blackjack offers players some amazing benefits compared to the traditional method. Blackjack is an easy game to learn, even easier online, and players have the opportunity to win real money online. Here are a few more benefits of playing blackjack online:

  • Real life dealers: Blackjack online has actual dealers who host and narrate your game session. The dealers are skilled and have experience in playing the game and working in traditional casinos. The dealers stream directly to you.
  • Security: People who play blackjack online for entertainment are safer because they don’t have to worry about losing their money or overspending.
  • Different games available: At a traditional casino, you usually don’t know how many games there are, what kinds of blackjack is available, or the amount you need to bet per hand. These are points that you don’t need to worry about because you are online. All games are accessible.
  • Tons of excitement: blackjack is a fast-paced game packed with excitement. Like the majority of online casino games, it is based on luck and chance, which makes it even more thrilling.
  •  Choose your game: You can choose the game that fits you best by experimenting with numerous games.
  • Avoid awkwardness: especially if this is your first time playing, you can make mistakes and get the hang of things in the comfort of your own house where nobody will be looking over your shoulder and judging your performance.

The only drawback that we have found is that some users might get the impression that the online games are easier and therefore it is possible to win a significant amount of money immediately. It actually is the opposite: Online blackjack generates the same amount of earnings as those produced by physical casinos.

Enjoy Mobile Blackjack Wherever You Are📲

Blackjack CasinosMost online casinos offer great free casino apps where you can play real money blackjack games from smartphones and tablets. All you need is an Android or an iOS device to enjoy some of the best mobile blackjack games for real money that the internet has to offer.

Some casinos have apps that you can download on Google Play or on the iStore, where other online casinos have worked hard to make their website so good that it works just fine if you access it through your mobile browser. There is an endless list of online casino platforms as well as apps available for players to enjoy their favourite casino games in the palm of their hands.

Blackjack Tips for Beginners📝

If you are new to the game, no need to panic. We have you sorted. Here are a few tips for beginners:

  • Understand what the difference is between online and real life blackjack: The game itself is the same in both cases, except for counting cards. Online hands are dealt through an automated process, which is the exact opposite of what occurs when playing real life blackjack.
  • Memorise card rankings: When comparing blackjack to poker, players will see some noticeable differences in their card rankings. It is crucial that you memorise the card rankings in order to know what your next move is when playing blackjack online. Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10, while Aces are worth one or eleven. The rest of the number cards two through nine are worth their numerical value.
  • Hit or Stand with caution: Most outcomes are determined through chance in online blackjack, so it’s best to be aware of that when you decide on your next move. The moves include hit, stand, double down, split and surrender. In most cases, players hit a hand that is valued under a hard 8 and below a 17 against a 7 or above. If a hard hand is above 17, it should be a stand. There are different ways to play soft hands that have an Ace and a 7 for example. A player has plenty of opportunities to Double Down, like a player 11 against a dealer 5 or 6. Splitting occurs when a player is dealt a pair, but you shouldn’t always split your pairs.
  • Stick to one online blackjack game type: It is empirical that you thoroughly read through the rules and test out the four primary variations available. Stick to the type of blackjack game which you are comfortable with, whether it is Blackjack switch, Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack or Free Bet Blackjack.
  • Don’t make insurance bets: Players make insurance bets on the dealer having blackjack, which represents half of the original bet. This bet is only profitable if the dealer has a ten and an ace. If an insurance bet is won, the player does not win additional money, only the amount which they originally bet. We highly recommend that you don’t make this bet at all.
  • Learn and master Blackjack’s basic strategy: Blackjack offers their players the option of using the blackjack strategy card, which has an outline of all outcomes possible in the game. Learning and following the outline will allow the player to make the best possible decisions, which will result in positive and consistent results.
  • Hit on a soft 17: this is usually the smartest way to play unless the dealer is showing a bust card. If that is the case, players are motivated to double down their hand. Soft 17s have a certain level of flexibility for the player as they are given two chances to make a stronger hand by hitting.
  • Have wagering limits set: It is crucial that you set wagering limits, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Moderation in betting is a very important strategy across all forms of gambling. The key to short-term and long-term success is staying within your bankroll and the units you have set at the beginning of the blackjack session.
  • Split your hands wisely: Players are able to split their hands and create multiple hands. It will be beneficial to split Aces and 8s with other hands being split in certain situations. A pair of Aces offer flexibility and a higher chance to win if they are split.
  • Avoid distractions: This is a great tip for all types of casino games. In order for a player to be fully concentrated on having a winning blackjack, there should be no surrounding distractions so that they can make the correct decisions to boost their chances of winning.
  • Players’ club: Most casinos have a players’ club available that offers rewards based on your play. This is a great way to get free things and make back some of the money that you lost, just for playing your favourite game.before you start playing, check if the casino has a players’ club and sign up for it. You will instantly start receiving special offers just for being a member of the club.
  • Avoid side bets: some online blackjack games have side bets available like Royal Match, Blackjack Match, Super Sevens, Lucky Ladies, Bonus Blackjack, Crazy Sevens, Progressive Blackjack and Perfect Pairs. Side bets almost always offer a higher house edge than Blackjack. You are already spending money on the game, and placing extra bets is completely a waste of time and money.
  • Ignore advice from dealers and other players: Do not listen to advice from dealers and other players. Some players and dealers might think that they are helping you, but their advice is far from what’s included in your basic strategy card. The only case in which you should listen to advice is when the dealer points out that you have made a mistake.if you place a bet incorrectly or do something against the rules the dealer may inform you so you don’t make that mistake again.
  • Watch out for dealer mistakes: It is empirical that players keep an eye out for mistakes on payouts. Most payouts at the blackjack table are one to one, which means that whatever you bet and win, you get your original bet back, plus the same amount. When you split and double down your amount of money increases so you need to make sure the dealer pays out the right amount.if you see a payout that you think is incorrect, don’t touch anything and politely ask the dealer to check the balance. If the payment is still incorrect, you can contact the casino’s customer service which usually is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Free Blackjack vs. Real money Blackjack🤑

Free games are a great option for players who are looking to try out all the different Blackjack variants, test new strategies or simply play for fun. Although, players will often find themselves drawn to the real money games once they’ve got the hang of the game via free versions. Here follows a few pros and cons of free Blackjack and real money blackjack:

Free BlackjackReal Money Blackjack
PROSYou can play numerous free blackjack games online.

You can play instantly, no download and no deposit needed.

Great way to practise your strategy.
You stand to win real money when you play

Players have access to all blackjack variants, including a live dealer. Blackjack bonuses give players a head start on their games when they deposit.
CONSAccess to bonuses and promotions are limited.

Not all blackjack variants are available to play for free.
Players risk losing money when betting on blackjack.

It might be a little time consuming to sign up and make a deposit before you start playing.

Considering all the pros and cons of each form of blackjack, both have their own important points to keep in mind before players dive into them. Both options are great for various reasons and needs according to the player.

Our Conclusion on Blackjack Casinos in India🤔

Blackjack online is a fun game that offers a low house edge which means that if you play the right way, you can win often and play longer.

There are numerous blackjack games online, so you have to be sure that the casino you’re dealing with has a steadfast reputation when it comes to security. Casinos with a high reputation will be at the top of your results list when you search for blackjack games online.

Playing Blackjack online is as easy as a touch of a button, providing players with convenience and efficiency. It might be overwhelming to choose the best online casino site to play blackjack, so take advantage of the free play option most casinos offer in order to find your perfect match.With a wide variety of different types to choose from, there is no doubt that online players will stay intrigued and interested in online blackjack games.

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