Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling is a concept that any legitimate online casino practice, all to different extents, but most offer some sort of player protection. At we take responsible gambling very seriously. Any casino listed on our site offers strong responsible gambling programs.

On this page, we will take a closer look at what you can do in order to practice responsible and healthy gambling.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling is a concept that any legitimate online casino practice, all to different extents, but most offer some sort of player protection. At, we take responsible gambling very seriously. Any casino listed on our site provides robust and responsible gambling programs.

On this page, we will take a closer look at what you can do to practice responsible and healthy gambling.

Tips For Gambling Responsibly

Gambling should be about having fun, and the vast majority of us can enjoy an occasional flutter. But around 3% of people who gamble regularly develop a compulsive gambling problem. 

Put simply; compulsive gambling is just that, a compulsion to gamble and an inability to stop. Regardless of when an inevitable strain is put on work, relationships, and personal finances, the gambling addict keeps on gambling. 

Those of us who enjoy gambling recreationally do not bet with the money we need. And we do so for fun, not when it causes harm. Gambling disorder is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and just like other addicts; the compulsive gambler may also lie, borrow, and steal. 

However, a gambling addiction can be controlled. Not every person who develops a gambling addiction has to stop. But for some people, they find they need to stop gambling altogether. We have detailed some organisations in this guide that can help you to either manage or quit gambling if you need to do so. Here are some useful tips for gambling responsibly. 

Tips For Gambling Responsibly

 We only work with online casinos that offer responsible gambling programs

There are plenty of casinos that happily take advantage of vulnerable players. This exploitation is not just an afterthought or a mistake; it’s actually a part of a ruthless business model. This is because addicted players can make up a considerable part of a casino’s revenue.  

However, this is not acceptable in our eyes. It’s just as bad as a pub landlord raking in profits from pouring an alcoholic another drink. 

Some gambling entities have been hit with large fines after being found out under investigation to have practices that have exploited vulnerable players. An example of this was Betway in the UK in 2020 that was given a record fine. The investigation by the UK gambling commission found that vulnerable players lost sizable sums over short periods. They concluded that these players should not have been allowed to place these bets. 

Gaming companies that breach their ethical responsibilities and legislation will also have their license to operate reviewed. At, we make sure you are up-to-date with casinos with valid legislation and approved responsible gambling programs. 

Gambling addiction does happen on online casino sites. It’s a given. It doesn’t mean that using these sites cannot be a safe and enjoyable pastime for the majority. However, the small minority will fall victim to gambling addiction and, therefore, having responsible gambling programs is a must. 

At, we recognise the harm that can come from gambling addiction. That’s why we ONLY work with sites that offer responsible gambling programs. 

Help for gambling addiction

Gambling addiction stories are not all doom and gloom. With the right help and treatment, most people can make an excellent recovery. 

There are self-help groups that can help both problem gamblers and their loved ones overcome the addiction. You can also access counselling that will help you gain control over your finances. Of course, compulsive gambling is about far more than just finances. But in time, you can develop healthy routines, better manage stress, and deal with difficult emotions. 

To find out if you or a loved one may suffer from a gambling addiction take a gambling quiz today. If you feel you have a problem, then get help. The agencies listed below can help you online and access local support.  

Global organisations

Global organisations that can help include and gamblers anonymous. You can also get country-by-country help at responsible with information in several languages. 


In the US, problem gamblers can get help by contacting the National Council On Problem Gambling. The organisation will help you get local support in whichever state you live in.  


Problem Gambling in Canada offers 24 hours per day, seven days a week, free and confidential Helpline is 1-866-531-2600. 


In the UK, compulsive gambling is recognised as a serious social threat. In particular, underage gambling is also considered to be a dangerous new trend. If you are in the UK and consider yourself to have a problem, you can contact the NHS helpline or  

How To Understand If You Have A Problem

Unlike many addictions, such as drug, alcohol, and food addictions – a gambling addiction may be overlooked. After all, a gambling addict is not adding toxins to the body in the same way. Nevertheless, the results and stress of gambling addiction can be just as serious if not more so than other addictions. 

As with many other addictions, they can run hand in hand. This is because compulsive gamblers may turn to alcohol or drugs to escape from their gambling losses temporarily. 

It is often the case that friends and family are all too aware that a problem exists before those suffering are prepared to admit their problem. The first step in getting help is recognising you have a problem. Once you have admitted the problem, you can begin to get help. 

Signs of gambling addiction include:

At we love gaming but hope you will get help if under rare circumstances you need it.