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The Republic of Slovenia is situated in Central Europe. Bordered by Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia, this alluring country is brimming with mountainous and forested landscape and coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea.

Slovenia has a rich history. In 1918 along with the Kingdom of Serbia, they merged into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Continue reading our full review to find out more about online casinos in Slovenia

Getting to Know Slovenian Online Casinos 🔎

Slovenia is a developed country and has a very high-income economy and therefore there’s always a search for a Slovenia online casino. They are highly ranked on the Human Development Index. They are also a member of the United Nations, European Union and NATO. In 2016, Slovenia was named the Most Sustainable Country in the World.

An essential part of tourism in Slovenia is gambling tourism, which brings in 25% of its tourism revenue. Slovenia has the highest percentage of casinos per capita in Europe and many players visit to take advantage of its rich casino life. Slovenia regularly holds poker tournaments which are popular with gambling tourists.

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Best Online Casino in Slovenia 🏆

The gambling industry in Slovenia is booming. This is partly due to the Slovenia online casino market which offers some of the most attractive gambling destinations. The country does not allow international casino providers to operate within Slovenia and residents are forbidden from using offshore-based sites.

Online gambling is stable in the Slovenia online casino due to it being part of the EU. An ongoing solid reputation is viewed as one that guarantees user experience consistency. A casino bonus Slovenia is standard on a Slovenian casino site and there are many Slovenians who enjoy online gambling. However, there are concerns due to foreign casino operators not being able to obtain a Slovenian casino license, which has led to local companies having a monopoly in the market.


Frequently asked questions about Slovenia online casinos

⚖️Are online casinos legal in Slovenia?

Yes, but only Slovenian operators are allowed to hold a casino license.  There are no foreign casino providers operating legally in Slovenia.

🤑Can I get bonuses at online casinos in Slovenia?

Yes! There are a lot of online casino bonus Slovenia up for grabs.  Be sure to check out the terms, conditions and wagering requirements every time. Read our “Casino Bonuses in Slovenia” section for more.

💳What deposit methods can I use at Slovenian casinos?

You can use any method mentioned in the casino’s cashier section. These include most methods used in the EU.

💸Can I win real money at a Slovenian online casino?

Yes! As long as the casino is licensed and you have completed the registration process.

👨‍💻Is there customer support at online casinos in Slovenia?

Yes. They will also offer assistance in English as well as Slovenian. Customer support will be found as a chat button or an email address.

🎰What games are available at online casino in Slovenia?

There is a very wide variety of table games and slots available to play. Whether it is classic fruit slots, video slots and branded slots, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Read our “Slovenia Players’ Favourite Games” for more.

🤷What is the best online casino in Solvenia?

Our expert team provides detailed casino reviews to help you find the best Slovenian casino. We evaluate casinos according to their bonuses, games, promotions, customer service and overall trustworthiness.

🕵️‍♀️How do I know if a casino in Solvenia is licensed?

Checking to see if an online casino is licensed is quick and easy. Just go into the casino’s website and search for the logos of a gambling commission.

History of Gambling in Slovenia 🏺

In 1790, the first casino was opened in Slovenia, although it only lasted a few years. During World War I and II, gambling was banned in the country. This led to many people gambling in illegal gambling halls. 1962 saw laws come into effect which helped regulate land-based gambling. It paved the way for casinos and lotteries to become legal.

In 1995 The Gambling Act was passed which made casinos and slot halls legal. This included sports betting as a legal and regulated activity. Limits were placed on online gambling, which was legal, but did not address international online casinos, making this a “grey area”. Slovenians are banned from using online casinos in foreign jurisdictions, although to date, no one has ever been prosecuted for it.

Slovenia currently has 16 casinos operating in 11 cities across the country as well as seven poker rooms and special rooms for playing bingo. The European Commission is trying to convince the government to let foreign operators run legal online casinos Slovenia.

Is Gambling legal in Slovenia? ⚖️

Gambling is legal in Slovenia. All people over 18 can enjoy gambling in Slovenia, but gambling establishments reserve the right to refuse to visit the client in case of violation of the internal rules of the casino.

A Slovenian casino license is issued by the Ministry of Finances. Only businesses with a land-based casino license can provide online gambling services. Private companies or people who do not already own a land-based casino are prohibited from opening an online gambling site.

Popular Deposit Methods for Online Casinos in Slovenia 💰

Most conventional deposit methods are accepted in a Slovenian casino site, but it is always wise to confirm if your preferred method is approved.

The most popular methods of deposit are:

The Euro is the official currency in the country, and the currency is available in all international online casinos, therefore, they don’t need to pay additional fees.

Live Casino in Slovenia 🎲

Slovenian live casino took some time before they became popular. By the early 2000s, most players could access online casinos, and live casino Slovenia began gaining prominence in the country. Nowadays, most players prefer online gameplay to land-based gaming. The growing appeal towards remote play is anchored on ease of access, availability of the best live titles, and convenient payment options, along with other standout perks.

Not all Slovenia casino games are available to play live and many Slovenians use offshore casinos to take advantage of this experience. As no Solvenian casinos have a mobile version of their casinos, there are no mobile live Solvenian casinos available. Slovenians tend to use international online casinos for any mobile versions.

Casino Bonuses in Slovenia 🎁

Different bonuses cater to the needs of different players. A Slovenia online casino will offer many of the bonuses you are used to. There is 3 Slovenia online casino bonus that are popular:

Although casino bonuses can be seen as additional funds that let players enjoy their favourite games for a longer time, you should keep in mind that there will always be strings attached before you actually play those funds. Always check what the terms and conditions and wagering requirements are. Withdrawal restrictions are common at online casino Slovenian.

Slovenia Players’ Favourite Games 🎰

Online casinos Slovenia have a large variety of online casino games available. Slovenians, like most nations, have their favourite games.

Table games are very popular and the thrill of Roulette is revered. The excitement of the spin of the roulette wheel is hypnotic! Roulette can be played and enjoyed in a live casino Slovenia. Poker and Baccarat are also very popular table games and are often found in Slovenian live casino. Many international poker professionals visit to play in poker tours in the region.

Slovenians absolutely love slots! There is a wide array of slots available to play, with many people trying to hunt down the prized Slovenia online casino bonus free spins. As far as casino games go, slots offer a straightforward, simple yet dynamic gameplay and they’re great for all budgets. In addition, a wide range of themes means there’s something for everyone.

Betting in Slovenia 🏑

Slovenia is a country that is very active in sports. A vast majority of Slovenians play a sport and it stands to reason that they are big betters as well. It is estimated that 35% of the population bet on sports weekly. While there is keen interest in domestic leagues and competitions, locals are just as likely to bet on significant sporting action across Europe, America and Asia. Slovenia online betting is vast with Slovenians betting on a lot of different sports, but football, skiing, ice hockey and basketball are the most popular.

The only online betting Slovenian is Spotna Loteija. This Slovenian online betting is state-run, largely unregulated and doesn’t offer Slovenia Casino Bonus. Other Slovenia Online Betting sites you may find are unlicensed and therefore not recommended. The Online Casino Slovenian monopoly is largely frowned upon.

Online betting at foreign betting sites in Slovenia is technically illegal, but the government does not prosecute people for placing bets at international sports betting sites.

Slovenia Casino License and Regulation 📜

In 2012, the Gambling Law was enforced. It involves special mechanisms to counteract fraudulent activities related to the gambling industry and contributes to the fight against money laundering in the casino. Online gambling must be operated by land-based operators that already have a licence or existing lottery game license. They are not allowed to be foreign-based and there are currently only a handful of casino operators that can apply for a Slovenia Casino Games License.

A Slovenia casino license is issued by the Ministry of Finance. Applicants must submit a list of mandatory documents and all aspects of the company and its shareholders are put under investigation.

In 2016, Online casinos were formally made legal. However, only one license has ever been issued. Slovenians are not allowed to gamble outside of Slovenia at a casino without Slovenia license, yet no one has ever been prosecuted for it. The penalties for the unlicensed operators include fines, blocking their sites by the ISP (Internet Service Provider), as well as restrictions on financial transactions.

It seems as if legislation will change soon as a draft act was proposed in 2021. There is little information as to what it contains, so it is unsure what changes will be made, and when it will be made law.

Future of Online Casino Slovenia 🧐

There is some uncertainty as to what the future of Slovenia’s online casinos and gambling holds. There have been multiple attempts to eliminate the current monopoly. Only 10 companies have casino license Slovenia to operate both land and online casinos.

Online activities have increased in the country, however, and most players are choosing to play in a casino without Slovenia license. This is losing the government revenue. In 2018 a group of entrepreneurs applied to the European Commission regarding the monopoly issues and in response Slovenia drafted a new law that allowed international operators to obtain a casino license Slovenia. This has not been put into action as yet.

It has been announced that in May 2022, a well-known gaming test lab will provide product testing, certification and inspection services for games, systems, and associated equipment for the gaming industry across online and land-based gaming. It remains hopeful that changes that are online with the European Commission will be forthcoming and the Slovenia market will be enjoyed by more players.

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