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Enjoy live dealer Fan Tan's particular magic with this is a top-notch online rendition of the traditional and widely travelled bead game which is live and real in every way. 

The game Evolution Fan Tan is incredibly gorgeous and simple to play, beyond the seeming simplicity, there is a wide range of additional bets that add to the excitement and intrigue of this traditional game.

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What is Fan Tan? 🤔

Fan Tan is one of the amazing games developed by Evolution gaming. The dealer uses a metal cup to split out a set of numbers of beads randomly while the betting is going on. The beads are initially protected by a glass dome. Utilising a special stick, the dealer arranges all of the chosen beads into lines of four until only one line of beads is left, which is then positioned in a line in the middle of the table. Predicting the quantity of beads that will remain is the game’s major goal. Head on over to the best fan tan casino in India to start playing this amazing game of chance.

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Fan tan casino

How to Play Fan Tan Live 🕺🏾

In comparison to many other live games accessible in India, Fan Tan is quite simple to play, and there aren’t many betting alternatives too. In order for Fan Tan to work, a random assortment of white beads is chosen and then split into groups of four. If you don’t yet know how to play, you can follow these simple steps.

  1. All of the beads from the previous round will be pushed into the centre of the table to begin the game.

  2. You have 13 seconds to cast your bets before the next round of Fan Tan Live starts, according to a countdown timer that signals betting has begun.

  3. The croupier places a golden cup over a haphazard assortment of beads shortly after the betting has ended. The remainder are collected in a glass dome and placed in the table’s corner for the following round.

  4. The beads are then spread about the table by the croupier after the cup has been removed to reveal them. The beads are then repeatedly separated into rows of four using a special stick.

  5. There will always be 1, 2, 3, or 4 beads in the last row of beads. These are relocated to the centre of the table so that everyone can view them. You had to anticipate the quantity of beads in the final row accurately to win.

FAQ 🙋‍♀️

Frequently asked questions about Fan Tan

🎰What kind of game is Evolution's Fan Tan Live?

A common Asian game called Fan Tan is comparable to roulette. Guess the number of beads between 1 and 4 that will be left at the end of the game round.

😁Where can I play Fan Tan in India?

Fan Tan can be played at live casinos that have Evolution games. Refer to the section where can I play Fan Tan, in this article.

✨Can Strategy help my fan tan game?

Fan Tan is a game of luck however there are a few tips and strategies that could help your game. Refer to Fan Tan Strategy and Fan tan tips in this article.

🌠Can a large group of individuals play fan tan?

Fan Tan can be played by an unlimited number of people.

🐻‍❄️What is the stick used for in Fan Tan?

The stick is used to sort the fan tan beads.

🤑What is the RTP of Fan Tan?

The RTP of Fan Tan is a staggering 98.75%

🧐How many betting rounds are there in a Fan-Tan round?

There is only one round for Fan Tan. Before the real gaming round begins, players have a pre-round betting session.

⁉️What is a Kwok bet?

a wager that gives you the option to wager on one of two possible bead counts. You can bet on certain numbers by looking at the numbers on the Kwok bet area.

Fan Tan Betting 💫

Gamblers playing in standard mode have a choice of three different bet types. Predicting the quantity of beads left is the main wager, often known as a Fan Bet. Choose the amount that matches how many beads you anticipate remaining. You win if you select the winning number.

Players can also wager on whether there will be a large or a small number of beads at the end. If there are three or four beads, there are large winnings. If there are only one or two beads, there are small gains. Odd or even bets aim to predict whether there will be an odd or even number of beads. Odd prevails if there are odd numbers of beads. Even wins if there are two or four beads in the game.

Fan Tan Betting types ( Default View )

There are 8 potential betting possibilities in the Fan Tan Live Default display, which include:

  • Fan TanFan Bet: Single numbers from 1 to 4.
  • Big Bet: Choose number 3 or 4.
  • Small Bet: Chooses number 1 or 2.
  • Odd Bet: Choose number 1 or 3.
  • Even Bet: Choose number 2 or 4.

Fan Tan Live Betting types ( Advanced View )

Following is a list of all the additional bets available in the Fan Tan Live Advanced view in addition to the standard ones:

  • Nim Bet: It is a two-number wager. The initial number you choose must correspond to the quantity of beads in the final row for you to win. The wager is a push, and your stake is repaid, if it coincides with the second number.
  • Kwok Bet: The only difference between this and the Nim wager is that you win if either of the numbers you chose matches the quantity of beads within the last row.
  • Sheh Sam Hong Bet: You can choose three of the four potential numbers in this bet, making it the most straightforward to win. If any of the numbers you choose match the quantity of beads in the final row, you win.

Default vs Advanced Fan Tan Game View 📝

You can select from a straightforward selection of wagers in the Default View (Fan, Odd/Even, Big/Small), or from a more intricate selection in the Advanced View (Fan, Odd/Even, Big/Small, Nim, Kwok, SSH). Start with the Default View to acquire a feel for the game, then switch to Advanced View after you understand how it operates better.

Where Can I Play Fan Tan Online in India? ℹ️

Some live casinos in India do not yet offer Fan Tan Live, a relatively recent game by Evolution. Fan Tan Live is currently available at a few live online casinos in India that offer Evolution live casino games. But soon, additional betting sites will offer this thrilling game!.

Fan Tan Game 🔥

One of the novel live dealer games Evolution has developed to meet the rising demand from players in the Asian market is Fan Tan.

Although Evolution did not invent the live fan tan live casino game, they did develop the most feature-rich game, which is accessible at the best Evolution live casinos. You also get the fan tan card game played with a deck of cards.

Fan Tan Live

You have the choice of selecting the Default or Advanced game view when playing Fan Tan Live since Evolution enjoys enhancing the excitement of any traditional gambling or casino game. All of the common Fan Tan bet types are available in the Default view, but certain classic, more complicated bets are also available in the Advanced view.

A croupier (dealer), a cup, only a few hands filled with beads, as well as a unique stick are used to play Fan Tan Live by Evolution.

Fan Tan Evolution

Live casino games have come to be associated with Evolution. The crew has never been satisfied to rest on their laurels and has always been at the forefront of innovation. They continually try new things and introduce casino games that other developers haven’t dared to create. Evolution is currently taking on a brand-new task called Fan Tan Live.

This game has a 98.75% RTP. It surpasses a lot of Evolution’s newest gaming shows because of this. With such a high RTP, it enters the ranks of casino games with high RTPs like baccarat and blackjack.

Fan Tan Strategy 🌟

FanTan Live is a game of luck, like most gambling games, and there isn’t much you could do to win. However, by carefully considering your investments, you can develop a strategy that provides you more control over your money and its longevity. It just depends; some gamblers prefer to go for the fences, while others prefer to accumulate a string of incremental victories over time. Here are a few pointers that could better your game.

  • Hedge your bets
  • Play nim bets
  • Learn the stats

Fan Tan Tricks 🌃

Both past results and current betting data are accessible for Fan Tan Live, allowing users to observe patterns from prior rounds as well as how other players are betting right now. The number of players who have placed bets and the total amount staked are included in this data.

There will be three scoreboards that display the percentage splits between big and little numbers as well as the regularity of each number. For the previous 500 rounds of Fan Tan Live, these thorough statistics are available, and they might help you make betting decisions when placing your bets.

Fan Tan Free Game 💖

Fan Tan Live is a challenging game to stop playing once you have the feel of it. The game offers several different bet options and a good RTP. If you’re on the fence about playing this game, we suggest giving Fan Tan a shot in free mode until you get the feel of it. Your new favourite casino release may turn out to be the Fan Tan online casino game!

Alternative Games at Fan Tan Casino 🤗

If you find that fan tan is not the game for you, there are many other available games for you to enjoy. Here are a few of the most popular online games.

Our Overall Conclusion ⚖️

Once you grasp how the fan tan casino game and various stake types operate, it’s actually fairly simple to understand and the fan tan rules are basic. Basically the game is quite a lot of fun. The game takes on a new level and the player has access to a far greater variety of bets when they can choose between the default (easy) and advanced bet kinds.

A player can easily manage their game preferences just as with all Evolution Live Dealer games. Via turning on or off the conversation to altering the camera view or audio settings, you may do so from the configuration options.

Everyone should play Fan Tan Live at least once because it’s a game that’s engaging and exciting.

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