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Following the popularity of land-based casinos in Croatia, the world of online casinos is relatively new having only been legalised in 2014 when the Gambling Law was brought in.

The beautiful country of The Republic of Croatia is successfully building a promising future after officially regaining its independence in 1991, putting a troubled past behind it.

Best Online Casinos In Croatia 🌍

Croatia, situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, is becoming recognised for its natural beauty and pristine Adriatic shorelines. Tourists and Croats alike flock to the country’s land-based casinos every day. Croatia also lays claim to the world’s smallest town – Hum! Now the online casino industry is paused to start creating waves for this small region.

Much loved for its unspoiled nature, mountain highs, and a big dose of adventure, Croatia is striving to become one of Europe’s leading countries in all they have to offer. From its high-income economy to its forward-thinking approach to the future, Croatia is building itself a strong destiny.

Gambling is legal in Croatia, and many take advantage of their brick-and-mortar casinos, gaming clubs and slot halls. The Croatian online casino business is currently still in its fledgling stage but has a promising future.

We will take you through everything you need to know about a Croatia online casino experience, a Croatia Casino Bonus and how to get the best out of it.

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Best Online Casinos Croatia

A Brief History Of Gambling In Croatia 🏺

While still part of Yugoslavia, in the 1960s the government started monitoring gambling, although at this point it was limited to betting on football games at state-owned kiosks. In 1991 Croatia split from Yugoslavia and casinos began to make an appearance. 2009 saw the introduction of the Games of Chance Act and casino license Croatia but this was quite vague and not well regulated. Gambling Tourism quickly took off, working out of the hotels situated along the coastline and taking advantage of the growing tourism industry.

In 2014, the Zakon o igrama na sreću or Gambling Act was brought in. This defined gambling as a game of chance is defined as any game that offers its participants to win cash, goods, or services, with the outcome of the game being dependent on another uncertain event.

The gambling Act also introduced the licensing requirements needed for a Croatia casino license. Although any private company can apply for a license, the license fee and taxes payable are very high. This has put many casino operators off investing in Croatia, especially smaller operators who often don’t have or aren’t prepared to make such a large investment.

Croats can gamble from the age of 18 and are permitted to play in online casinos outside of the country. However, taxes are payable on all winnings. Within Croatia, taxes are deducted before the winnings are paid.


Frequently asked questions about online casinos in Croatia

🏆 Which are the best online casinos in Croatia?

We have a complete list of all the regulated casinos operating in Croatia which will offer you the best and most trusted experiences.

📜 Are Croatian online casinos licensed?

Online casinos in Croatia are all licensed as per the Gambling Act. Read more under our “Is Gambling Legal In Croatia?” section

🔞 How old must you be to gamble in Croatia?

You must be 18 years or older to gamble in Croatia.

🤝 Do all casinos accept players from Croatia?

Yes, most online casinos will accept Croatian players

₿ Can I use cryptocurrency at an online casino Croatia?

Yes. Croatian online casinos accept most forms of cryptocurrency.

📱 Can I play online casinos in Croatia on my mobile

Yes, a lot of online casinos have made mobile versions of their casinos.

🔐 Is playing at an online casino in Croatia safe?

Yes. Your money and personal data are protected.

🎁 Do Croatian online casinos offer bonuses?

Yes, you will find a large variety of bonuses on offer. See our “Best Casino Bonuses in Croatia” section for more information.

Is Gambling Legal In Croatia? ⚖️

Gambling is legal in Croatia as long as the casino has a license. If you are gambling from a land-based casino, it must have a Croatian casino license. If a Croat is gambling online, the operator must have a license recognised by the EU. Many offshore casinos accept Croatian players.

Under the Gambling Act, lottery games, keno, bingo and sports betting are also seen as games of chance and fall under the law and all regulations.

Popular Deposit Methods For Online Casinos In Croatia💰

The currency of Croatia is Kuna (HRK). As Croatia is part of the EU, it is possible to use Euro in a Croatian online casino as well as expect most forms of deposit methods acceptable. The regulations enforced also ensure that your funds and personal data are safe and secure. The most popular methods include:

Always check with the casino that you can make payments and withdrawals in your preferred method. It is advised that you are aware of processing times when making a withdrawal.

Live Casino In Croatia 🏆

Live casinos are gaining a following as it is often seen as having the best of both gambling worlds. The action of a casino combined with the comfort of your own home. It is also becoming more popular these days to find live casinos available on your mobile phone, so you can take your Croatia live casino anywhere you go.Play Live Baccarat Croatia

Some of the more common games you can find in a Croatia live casino are:

A live casino Croatia features all the action playing with a real dealer and other players can bring. The dealers will speak Croatian, but it is not hard to find someone who can speak English.

Croatia’s Favourite Online Casino Games 🎲

Croatian players enjoy a wide range of Croatia online casino games. Some Croatia casino games are naturally more popular than others.

These are some of the most popular but by no means the only games that you can play at a Croatian online casino.

Best Casino Bonuses in Croatia 🎁

Croatia online casino bonus is offered by the most casino in Croatia and you will find all the bonuses you are familiar with. Online Casino bonus Croatia can offer you all of these bonuses:

The best online casino bonus Croatia sites offer fair promotions with reasonable terms and conditions and wagering requirements. Some of the conditions include validity periods, wagering conditions and maximum caps on winnings. Before taking a Croatia casino bonus, make sure that you know what the wagering requirements are.

Betting in Croatia ⚽

online betting croatiaAs Croatia’s oldest form of gambling, betting is legal and falls under the Gambling act 2014 as does online betting Croatia. Before this, all betting was done at state-run kiosks. Now anyone can apply for a Croatia online betting license. Operators are taxed at 20% of takings and winners are taxed according to how much they win. The taxes are taken before the winner is paid.

Croats love sports so it stands to reason they would love Croatia online betting. There are numerous sports to bet on and the most popular are Football, Handball, Basketball and Tennis.

Croatia betting sites also provide live betting options. These bets are made after the live-action has stated where you bet on things that happen during a game or match. This could be what the half-time score is or who is going to score the next goal, an enjoyable side-bet on Online betting Croatia.

Croatia Casino License And Regulation 📜

All gambling in Croatia falls under the Ministry of Finance and is regulated by the Code of Rules for the Organisation of Remote Games. A Croatia online casino can only be granted to an operator who already has at least one land-based gaming facility in Croatia. It is illegal for a casino without Croatian license to operate within the country.

A Croatian casino license is issued based on the Gaming Act requirements. The requirements themselves are strict but fair. A casino license Croatia fee is considered very high, although it is valid for 15 years. Croatia casino games must pay 15% tax on revenue, and 25% tax on slot machines. It is for this reason that casino operators are wary of applying for a casino in Croatia license as it is much higher than in other countries.

Croatian residents are also subjected to tax on earnings from gambling. It is based on a sliding scale from 10 to 30%, with the latter paid if you win HRK 500,000 (about €65,000). However, Croats are allowed to play in casinos outside of the country. It’s for this reason that most players seek offshore casinos that provide a variety of games and bonuses and accept players from Croatia.

Online gaming and betting operators are required to utilise a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make sure that the outcomes of all games are free of any bias. The RNG must also be approved by the regulator. EU citizens have the right to protection of their personal data and when you play at a Croatian casino, you will have your data protected by this charter.

The Future Of Online Casinos In Croatia 🧐

While the legislative system in Croatia is pretty tolerant when it comes to gambling regulations, the high fees and taxes have made it difficult for local small companies to compete with international gambling giants. This is why the land-based and online gambling industry in Croatia is mainly run by popular international companies that have extensive experience in this field and can afford to pay higher fees and taxes.

This is also driving Croats to gamble offshore online casinos, which is losing the government a lot of revenue in terms of taxes. As there is little chance of the Gambling Law being changed to restrict Croats from only playing in a Croatia casino, there are indications that they might instead relax either the license fee or the taxes payable. There are also signs that the law that says that only operators with an existing land-based operation may be eased to allow more competition into the Online Casino Croatia industry. Croatia betting would also benefit from this as fewer Croats would be betting at an offshore casino without Croatian license.

It is going to be interesting to keep an eye on the Croatian gambling industry in the coming years to see which direction they will take.

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