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Online casinos and online betting have taken the world by storm, and it's no wonder. With the convenience of playing from home, combined with a secure and immersive environment that has all your favourite slots and casino games, you can experience thrills and wins and never have to step away from your computer or mobile device.

These days, you can find a ton of international gambling sites claiming to be the best, but how do you know what’s true and what’s not? That’s why we decided to combine our many hours of market research into a complete guide to the best international gambling sites across the globe.

Best International Online Casino Sites 🌎

We love making things as easy as possible for our readers, so we’ll start this guide off by listing all the best international online casinos. Our list is based on a lot of research, the combined experience of our team in the field, and reviews from thousands of users. This is so we can make it as accurate as possible for you.

We will also update the list regularly to reflect the latest situation. This means new casinos will be added and others removed from our recommendations when needed. We know your fingers are twitching to start playing, but before you do, let’s delve deeper into international online gambling sites.

We’ll explain how we find and test online casinos, what they have to do to get on this list and give you several helpful tips. We also collected the most frequently asked questions regarding online casinos and their answers. So without further ado, here is our guide to the best international casino sites.

Number Casino Rating Bonus Freespins Info Play Now
1 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full Parimatch Review ₹1,05,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
2 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half 10Cric Review ₹60,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
3 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Bons Review ₹2,00,000 Bonus 200 Freespins Play Now
4 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Betway Review ₹60,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
5 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty Genesis Casino Review ₹30,000 Bonus 20 Freespins Play Now
6 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Casino Days ₹1,00,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
7 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Casumo Review ₹15,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
8 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half 22Bet Review ₹10,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
9 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty Lucky Niki Review ₹1,00,000 Bonus 250 Freespins Play Now
10 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty Bettilt Review ₹90,000 Bonus 150 Freespins Play Now
11 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full Purewin Review ₹90,000 Bonus 0 Freespins Play Now
12 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Oshi Casino Review ₹24,500 Bonus 250 Freespins Play Now
13 star-full star-full star-full star-full star-half Axe Casino Review ₹4,34,700 Bonus 450 Freespins Play Now

18+ | T&C's Apply | Gamble Responsibly and only bet money that you can afford to lose. Read more about how we rate online casinos.

international online casinos

Where can you play at International Online Casinos? 📍

The problem lies in the fact that no one online casino covers every region, making it challenging to find the absolute best international casino online. To get a comprehensive and clear picture, we need to take a look at each region individually.

  1. Europe

    To date, there is no doubt that the European Union has the most well-established casino market in the world, thanks in part to strict rules and regulations that support casino companies while protecting players. This means you’ll be spoiled for choice with the online casino options available, whether you’re playing at a Romanian online casino or an Albanian one.

    Also, several of the top gaming control boards are based in Europe, with the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and the Swedish Spelinspektionen being among the top ones.

  2. Asia

    Online gambling is on a steady incline in Asia, with countries such as India and Singapore leading the pack. In some Asian countries, new gambling laws are currently in the works and we suspect the market will grow exponentially over the next few years.

  3. North America

    The last significant casino market worldwide is North America. Unfortunately, gambling is strictly regulated and still illegal in most American states, except for Nevada, New Jersey and a few others. Online betting is, though, more readily available in the US than online casinos, although it’s still minimal.

    We have a similar situation in Canada where every territory can introduce its particular gambling laws. In turn, this has resulted in a complicated system that deters most online casinos from even trying to establish themselves in the local market.


Frequently asked questions about international online casinos

🦺 Are international online casinos safe?

Yes, some international online casinos are safe. The easiest way to check which ones are is to rely on the recommendations found on this site.

🥇 Which are the best international online casino sites?

The choice of online casinos will be influenced by the gambling laws of your country or jurisdiction, so it depends on where in the world you live. Even though there are many international online casinos and sportsbooks, not everyone in the world can access the same website.

💸 Which international online casino has the best payout?

Similar to the answer above, the best casino payout varies from country to country. It is a number that depends on what kinds of games are available in the area and how many game developers are there.

📜 Are the best international online casinos licensed?

A casino that operates online must always have a license and be authorised to do so in the relevant jurisdictions.

🎁 Do International online casinos offer bonuses?

Yes, all online casinos have bonuses, campaigns, tournaments, and offers. Once again, you can read more about these bonuses on this site.

🔞 What is the legal gambling age?

The legal age to gamble is 18 in almost every country in the world. The exception is the United States, where the legal gambling age is 21.


Most international online casinos offer live casinos. There are a number of thrilling live casino platforms and developers that serve casinos all over the world.

🧾 Are International online casino winnings taxed?

Paying taxes on your casino winnings is something you will need to figure out. You can do this by contacting your local tax office.

Most Popular Casino Deposit Methods in the World ⭐

The most popular deposit methods at the best international online casinos are most likely ones you’re familiar with and comfortable using, or at the very least have heard of. At the moment, the following methods are the most commonly used payment options in the casino industry:

Traditional payments

  • International Online Casinos Payment MethodsBank Transfers: Transfers from one bank account (the customer) to another bank account (the casino) remain one of the most popular options to fund casino accounts. This is because it’s a payment option that most people have used previously, and it’s done via your bank, which ensures a high level of security.
  • Debit Cards: When it comes to traditional payment options, debit cards are far and away the most favoured choice. Depending on where in the world you live, the process may differ slightly. Typically, all you will need to do is provide the casino with your card information, go through the verification process, and then make a transaction directly from your bank to your casino account. It’s considered a fast and reliable option that is readily available to everyone.
  • Credit Card: Credit Cards used to be the go-to option for many online casino players at one point. However, due to increased regulation and a global focus on player protection, credit card gambling is not as widely accepted as it once was. This is to ensure that players only play using their own money and, more importantly, money they can afford to lose. We do not support credit card gambling and strongly recommend that you only deposit funds that belong to you.
  • Cheques: similar to credit cards, cheques are rarely supported by casinos in the European Union. However, in some regions where online payments are still a privilege, an international online casino may still accept cheques. The same goes for casinos in North America that often handle both deposits and withdrawals using cheques.

Electronic payments

Electronic payment systems have been dominating the gambling industry for the past decade. It’s perhaps only natural that someone who gambles online may also decide to use online payment solutions.

Moreover, these options are reliable, convenient, and fast, making them perfect for international online casinos, as well as betting sites.

  • PayPal: this electronic payment platform and global company is recognised and used the world over. Every year, millions of transactions are performed using PayPal, and a substantial amount of those transactions are related to online gambling, casinos, and betting sites.
  • Skrill: one of the preferred payment systems offered by almost every casino international online and betting site that we have ever tested (and we’ve tested them all). It’s convenient to use, very safe and accepted in the majority of countries around the world.
  • Neteller: An e-money transfer service similar to Skrill and also widely accepted. Its simple-to-understand process and convenience make it yet another preferred method offered by some of the best international casino online sites out there.

Alternative methods

  • AstroPay Card: This is a virtual payment card that is accepted by thousands of online stores and services, including a wide range of casino and betting sites. It’s known for being easy to use and very safe, and it’s also available in countries where online payments are a relatively new concept.
  • ecoPayz: This is an electronic payment system with a large amount of support in the online casino and betting industry. This payment option is almost as popular in Europe as it is elsewhere in the world.


The fact that the online casino industry is often quick to adopt new technological advancements, it should come as no surprise that the industry was eager to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Several great casino online international sites support transactions in cryptocurrencies. Most of them are casinos offering their services in jurisdictions where other payment options are limited. Find the Best Crypto Casinos right here!

These are some of the most well-known cryptocurrencies used at online casinos are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XPR)

Playing Live Casino Internationally 🔴

Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a newbie, we believe live casino is the most exciting way to enjoy classic casino games online. The unique setup where you gamble at a table with other online players, as well as a live-streamed dealer, creates an immersive environment that closely resembles that of a brick-and-mortar casino.

Generally speaking, live casinos are offered by all the top international casino online websites. It is thus a form of gambling that’s enjoyed regularly by many people.

However, that is not the case everywhere, as certain regions have imposed strict limitations on live casinos. Oftentimes, this is either because the entire market is restricted in that jurisdiction, or because the government holds a monopoly on table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and poker.

However, there’s no need for you to worry- the international online casinos that are mentioned in this guide offer live casinos in one way or another. Most of the European casinos provide live casino games from Evolution Gaming, while some large international online casinos have live platforms from several gaming developers.

How Do Casino Bonuses Work Internationally? 📚

To many players, casino bonuses (or the lack thereof) are one of the most important factors when finding a new online casino or betting site, regardless of where in the world that person resides.

Moreover, bonuses are considered one of the riskier aspects of gambling, since they can encourage gamblers to spend more money than they intend and can afford to. Therefore, bonuses are often the first thing that gets regulated when new online gambling laws are introduced.

That is why it’s rather complicated to list all the bonuses available in different regions. Instead, we’ve listed the most popular bonuses in general, but you’ll need to double-check which bonuses are allowed where you live in your own time.

Don’t forget the bonus requirements

Always remember, before you accept any form of bonus at an international casino online, you have to be aware of the requirements.

It’s very rare for a casino to offer you a completely free bonus, without them wanting something in return. In most cases, this is determined by something called a Wagering Requirement.

A wagering requirement explains how many times you have to wager your bonus amount and/or winnings to cash out. It’s not uncommon that a welcome bonus comes with a 30x wagering requirement, which means you have to wager the credited bonus amount 30 times before you can make a withdrawal.

Also, casinos tend not to allow any withdrawals to be made while the player has an active bonus, or they run the risk of losing the entire bonus and any related winnings.

What we are saying is that you must read the bonus requirements in full and ensure that you understand them, BEFORE you accept any casino bonus, anywhere in the world.

Betting with International Online Betting Sites ⚽

International Online Casinos Betting

Betting is, in many ways, the original form of gambling. Humans are known to have wagered money and other belongings on sports for as long as we have been playing matches and games.

As a result, betting is more widely accepted than casino games, especially online. The consequence, however, is that in many countries, governments hold monopolies on betting and similar games such as lotteries and bingo.

Despite this, the number of top international betting sites is significant and steadily growing.

Nowadays, most betting sites are offered through international online casinos. This means gambling sites will have one platform for casino games (such as slots), one platform for live casinos (like roulette and blackjack), as well as a platform for betting (sports, politics, and so on).

The most popular sports in betting are football, horse racing, and motorsports. Many betting sites also offer local betting options such as cricket in India and bandy betting in Sweden

It has also become increasingly popular to bet on eSports such as CS: GO; League of Legends and FIFA.

Bear in mind that we hold the best betting sites to the same exacting standards as we do online casinos. Therefore, you can expect all the betting sites recommended by us to be fully legal, regulated, and secure to use.

international online casinos

International Casino License and Regulation 🛡️

Every jurisdiction across the globe has certain rules regarding gambling and betting, and most countries have regulatory bodies of their own. Below, we’ve listed all the main governing bodies in the world at the moment. Please note that the list does not mention every board-it only includes the most reputable online gambling ones.

European Casino Regulation 🌎

Europe has one of the wealthiest and growing casino markets in the world, thanks to serious regulation and a focus on customer security. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all of Europe and some countries are still trailing behind. This includes countries such as Norway, whose gaming laws are very outdated.

Another example is Germany, a country with a massive gambling market, yet has only recently updated its laws to accommodate international online casinos.

With that said, several of the world’s most reputable gaming commissions are based in the European Union. Read more about the top gaming control boards below.

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – Widely considered to be the top governing body in the international casino market. Due to the attractive gambling and business climate in Malta, many of the best international casinos are based here.

MGA was founded in 2001 and has given the local gaming market a huge boost. Today, international online casinos and betting sites represent 12% of Malta’s total GDP, effectively making Malta the top casino country in the world.

UK Gambling Commission – This governing body is, in many ways, considered to be the top gaming regulator in the world. Sports betting is a large part of British culture, and thanks to the UK Gaming Authority, the market is thriving with many exciting betting sites and online casinos. All are completely safe and heavily regulated, making these sites both fair and transparent.

Due to this body’s reputation in the international market, many countries around the world consider a British gambling license enough to approve and/or license a betting site. You can rest assured that an online casino or betting site with a UK gambling license is to be considered safe and serious.

Spelinspektionen (SI – Sweden) – They were established in 2019 after a massive update of the country’s casino laws. The new laws aim to protect gamblers by limiting the number of licenses issued as well as providing strict requirements that all casinos promote responsible gambling.

There have also been quite a few restrictions imposed concerning how online casinos in Sweden are marketed, as well as the types of bonuses offered. In turn, this has resulted in Sweden having a rather unique, but thriving online casino market where only the best casinos are allowed.

As it often is with stricter laws, the new gambling regulation has created somewhat of a grey market for international casinos that have not yet been licensed by SI.

American Casino Regulation 🌎

Asian Gaming Regulation 🌎

The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore is currently the main gaming control board in Asia. This is because most markets in Asia lack any kind of gaming regulation.

A good example of this is India, a country where they are currently working on updating its gambling laws. Until that is done, only online casinos regulated elsewhere in the world are allowed to offer their services to Indian players.

How To Choose An Online Casino in Your Country🤷‍♂️

Picking the top online casino for you can be done in a variety of ways, although restrictions tend to be easier to enforce for brick-and-mortar establishments than they are for their virtual counterparts. The ability to pass the inspections of several internationally recognised organisations is an excellent indicator of the reliability of an online casino site in any country. Numerous audit agencies monitor game fairness, with eCogra being the most well-known, and licensing bodies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, evaluate many different online casinos.

Since we are interested in only the best online gambling sites, we have included only those operators who have successfully passed the necessary security checks in our list of the top online casinos in the world. However, if we were to conduct a country-by-country analysis, there would be many more considerations to take into account. If you’re looking for an international online casino, you should find out about:

  • Safety – regional authorisation, secure socket layer (SSL) certificates, and an independent auditing firm.
  • List of all the blackjack, roulette, slot and live dealer games available.
  • Playable on iOS and Android devices for portability.
  • Find more about the welcome bonus package at the casino, the wagering requirements, and the continuous incentives available to you after making your first deposit.
  • Details about how to pay, including accepted payment methods and currencies.
  • Timezones serviced by customer service reps and languages spoken.


Regardless of where you call home, you’re never far from a chance to indulge in your favourite pastime if online gambling is your thing. If you’re not able to enjoy yourself because of an unsafe gaming environment, then winning at casino games is meaningless. It can be hard to find the time to do the research needed to figure out which online casinos are the best, especially at the end of a long day. Before exploring the site, it’s a good idea to read some reviews, track down the terms and conditions, and make your checklist. Don’t forget to check out our very own list of the best online casinos in the world, which took a lot of work and research to compile just for you.

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